About Me


“Alla Prima Self Portrait” – oil on canvas 8×10

My name is Tyra Willoughby Oliver.  I have had a lifelong love art and drawing.  I am a 2011 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelors in Fine Art and concentration in Design.  I enjoy drawing, gardening and making vintage clothing items.  I currently live in North Carolina with my husband and dog.

While there are many disciplines within art that I am drawn to, my body of work consists of a representational style.  I enjoy concentrating on either capturing the unique character of existing people through portraiture or creating characters and placing them in other-wordly spaces.  This allows me to indulge in costume design, create interesting compositions and explore work that touches on my core values.

In addition to this site, I do also manage Jauntycatgraphics.com with my sister and our work is posted on Instagram @jauntycatart