I found out about Inktober almost halfway through.  Shame on me.

Inktober is an initiative set up by artist Jake Parker in 2009 to improve his own drawing skills which has grown into an international phenomena or artists posting cool things and sharing it on various social media outlets.  During the month of October, participants are supposed to make a pen and ink drawing every day.  Here is my contribution so far.

inktober wip

Adventures with soft pastels

I don’t normally use any art medium with a propensity to cause a mess (at least outside of a studio setting).  Doing so gives me flashbacks to an…umm…incident…my sister and I had involving khaki pants, a white comforter, and our mother’s beige rug. We weren’t even kids at the time which is pretty sad.  I’ve gotten over that little trauma for a little while by trying out soft pastels.  Working with something this chalky is excellent for study and the beginner because you absolutely can.not get carried away with menial details.  These were a joy to use despite the constant threat of getting those colored bits all over the white carpet.


Scan 1

Lauren Bacall

With the Robin Williams tragedy, I believe not many people noticed that Golden Age actress Lauren Bacall passed away as well.  As one of my fashion icons I felt I had to do a quick sketch of her.  She WORE those roller sets. The families of these individuals will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Lauren bacall