New drawing in the works

I have recently been working on a drawing depicting the scene in which the Biblical prophet Isaiah enters the throne room of God, sees His majesty and declares himself and his people unworthy.      In this vision, a seraphim anoints Isaiah as a prophet with a hot coal from the alter of God.

Just reading these verses (Isaiah 6) was inspiring and has major graphic possibilities.  At this point, I’m rendering the drawing chunks at a time to give it the care and attention it deserves.


My latest drawing titled “Diligence” ironically requires that very virtue to excecute.  I went with a more challenging angle to add more I test that a boring ole profile.  The fabric in this will take center stage so painting this one will be interesting.

Updates to Etsy

Happy New Year everyone!!

I am adding content to my Etsy store, one of which is my painting “Requiem”.

The price reflects the fact that it is custom framed.  Before sending it off, I had it hanging in my house and my goodness do I love this painting!  My husband loves it so much he asked if I’m sure I want to sell it ROTFL (yes…yes I absolutely want to sell it.  I’m a capitalist!). I’m adding more content to the store soon so head over and have a look.

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Still life study





General shapes penciled in.  No details are worked at this point.  The photo doesn’t capture it but I have a singular light source which is the lamp on the upper right.
Underpainting block in
Dark areas are placed with thinned raw umber.  The white here is the white of the canvas.
Dark areas are reinforced with a mix of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. I mixed a good chunk of that color and mixed increasing quantities of titanium white.   This created a 5 value string of grey to define forms.

The above is a progression shot of a pumpkin study.  Because it is best to narrow ones focus when engaging in work of this nature, this still life painting serves a few functions:

1 – I wanted to reinforce value composition as that has been an afterthought on many of my paintings.

2 – I want to work with muted colors. Relying on a bunch of bright colors all the time is not always the most effective way to work.
3 – I do want to continue painting in layers however, I want to have a streamlined system for doing this so I don’t always wonder how to go about getting from beginning to end.

Finished Paintings

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I have completed a few projects as of late.

I will varnish them early next year. I’ll also be listing originals in Etsy. Right now I am just excited to execute on new ideas.  I’ll also be churning out more video content on YouTube.


In light of Inktober, working on “mother and child” as well as a few other oil paintings I haven’t had as much time to study as I’d like.  But the few times I have had to work on these types of drawings I have been studying nuances of drapery and clothing folds.  It is important to me that various clothing look like the correct material as well as look as if it has weight.  Its going to be on when I get my powdered graphite from my parents house!  In addition to the learning experience it is great to get the instant gratification of a pretty drawing.  Rendering drapery on the level that I like in oils is not a fast process.

During #eclipse2017 I was able to paint 2 plein air things to commemorate an event that my eyeballs would never witness again.  You see, I’m in North Carolina and we didn’t get the full eclipse.  If it wasn’t turning pitch black I figured it wouldn’t be anything special.  I didn’t have glasses or anything so I couldn’t look at the actual sun do I wasn’t going to do anything other than stay inside and scrape paint off of my big glass palette.  My artist twin, Taisa called me and told me that the sky was a very interesting shade of desaturated blue and that she was going to try to match the color on swatches with markers.  I got off the phone and a few minutes later the eclipse had progressed a bit more.  My dad called and I didn’t think he would be interested at all.  He’s not even an artist so he doesn’t care about which Pantone color the sky is.  He said it looked ‘funny’ so at that point I had to go out and look.  After looking out and seeing that the sky was indeed slightly off in color, I broke down my little easel, grabbed a few small canvases, and haphazardly grabbed my paints to mix up something before the event was over.

Here are the results of my half-hearted attempt to be a bit relevant.  These turned out to be very abstracted depictions of the sky and tree line as I was more concerned with color accuracy.


I don’t know what I want to do with these.  I suppose I can list them in Etsy.

At at any rate, speaking of things going on in the sky, I hope anyone who was affected by Harvey is able to make a way, you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.


Art Hermit Mode

This past year I have been in what I’d like to call “Art Hermit Mode.”  I have been trying to simplify my life as much as possible so that I can work on strengthening my work.  My presence on social media (except for Instagram) and my social life in general has taken a hit but now is a great time to invest in the long game.  The results of my hermit mode have been exciting and in future blog posts I will be sharing in greater detail what I have learned as far as art and business.

My life in the past year and a half has been extremely full; I’ve gotten married, started working on my art full time and have been working to get Jauntycat going.  I’ve gotten very comfortable with oil painting so I’m in the process of making some epic work.

I have added links to my social media platforms so join me as I continue making awesome things!  I have added links to my various social media platforms and like comment share and follow!