Intro Post

I would like to kick off my first blog post here by being transparent about myself and my design process.  I spend most of my waking hours creating things, talking about creating things, or consuming creative things.  I just enjoy pretty things including hair and makeup, clothing, interior decorating…the list goes on.  My aesthetic is typically reflected in my subject matter.  I look forward to a long time of using this blog to share in my passion for making the world a nicer place to look at while expressing my own as well as the vision of my patrons.

Now before I get all Von Trapp and go into a tirade about my favorite things I’ll go ahead and post a Work in Progress (WIP).  This particular item is created with pen and ink, and color pencil and will become my new website header and the basis for my visual identity.  As an illustrator I would like to lean to this type of work as it’s more indicative of what I do.


up close

Photo on 1-23-14 at 4.55 PM


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