Outdoor scene

A couple of figures in a fictional environment taking a stroll.  It is a pencil sketch but I would like to develop this more.




5 thoughts on “Outdoor scene

  1. At first, I thought you were an amateur artist just getting her feet wet with sketching. But, from your About Me page, I see you have some serious skills. And, I am not talking just the “digital makeup” stuff. I can see this sketch in color, already. It reminds me of a historical recreation site and a state fair scene.

      1. I don’t thing the placement of the figures is optimal for one thing. I have actually colored this! That will be coming in a future update 🙂

      2. I look forward to seeing the final product. I actually thing the figures are in great positions. You have the main figures between the house on the left and the approaching/trailing pair of people to the right. The goat fills in the gap on the lower right. And, I presume there’s a forest in the rear of everything. I’d say the only space that might seem lost in the picture is the lower left. But, that might not be so bad….or you could throw in a lil robin or bluebird there.

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